competition over. game over, time out, end of round one. You win. no
     question. Now, for a bonus of 5 points... translate this common Dublin
     phrase into 'English' - 'giss tee'mps mista wuja?'

     And here, for all to admire once again, is 'Fuire Estingasher' by


'Hey Mista!!!'
'Is dat yoor kaar ya paarkd deyr?'
'Well Ui'll muind it forya, mista, righ?'
'But this is a public parking area.'
'Yeh, Ui know, but sumtuims kaars do get nicked, luike d'ye know
'Nicked, luike d'ya know luike, stowlen, boss.'
'Well,  my dog is in the car and will prevent it from being
'I said my dog will deter any would-be car thieves.'
'Jaze god, boss, ye gorra dog inda kaar?  Worrize?'
'He's an Alsatian.  A large Alsatian!'
'Ah here now, Ui'll muind de kaar for ye anda dog can sleep aysy, woh?'
'Well, I'm certainly not going to pay you to mind my car.  You're not
even an official.'
'Ah here now, enuf a dah, righ?  Just gimme a few bob an Ui'll muind
da kaar for ya, boss.'
'Away with you, I say.  I've already told you, the dog will mind the
'Dats all righ, mista.  Off ya go and leave da dog muindin da kaar.'
'I will, thank you very much!'
'Hey, ya scuh!  Befoar ya disappear arowand da korna, kin da dog
yewiz a kaar fuire extinguisher?'