Pamela, my darling,

<<>this suggestion from Pamela thingy mad woman with ravens.>>
     Yes, madman dearest.  And how are YOU? >>

absolutely wonderful...aren't the leaves lovely and bright colours...oooh!man!
hey! more mushrooms! ... ah, isn't mud just the best thing in the whole world,
like the radiant snot of the Goddess seeping from the earth...

<<Just curious, what would "wind" in Gaelic be?>>

Gaoth [pron. gwee]. I will not bother to try and figure out what your schemous
schemes and tricky tricks are here - take it and go - but come back again won't
you. I really love having you around... your skin is so soft, and delicate...

Now, be OFF with you!

Mad MAQQI, sage, prophet, genius, and most of all Wildman of the Woods.