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>hasn't paid a bit of attention in class or done any reading of merit.
>" We are to cover a possible
>"flood" in our culture.. I haven't found any information on that."
>If he hasn't found anything on floods he hasn't picked up book one on
>Celtic Mythology.


Don't stew, I see this as a quiet and peaceful discussion.

I appreciate all you say. I agree with your assessment as to what has
possibly been done up to this point in time. I also think the student has
been told to death to pick up a book, get to the library, etc, to little
avail, apparently. I just tried a slightly different tactic, which may or
may not work. As you - yourself - observed, it was strongly hinted at
that the desire was for a flood story, which I pointedly denied to them.
Terrible tease, aren't I?

>Rant done.  :(

That's OK. No offense taken.

>still wondering about that young ladies crack . . .

Not a "crack", unless you take the definition of "extremely proficient",
[ : ) just another book: "You Just Don't Understand" by Dr. Deborah
Tannen. My wife and several other women whom I respect swear by her; or
is it at her ... She seems to be of the firm belief that men and women
not only communicate differently, but think differently as well. Who am I
to argue? There are several books about on that topic area, but that is
probably another list.

Sla/n go fo/ill,
Bruce L. Jones
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