At 02:01 PM 3/12/96 PST, you wrote:
>GASP! No wonder you've been banished, Mad Maqqi! Do you not know that
>raven's are the messengers of the gods? Perhaps the bird it trying to
>telling you something! Eatin' it will only get you in more trouble,
>to be sure.
>- Scott
>(who often draws stares in town for his long conversations
> with the black birdies)
Well now Scott (just hand me that eye of newt willye?) MAqqi claims he
roasted the bird on a spit, but did NOT eat it, being a vegetarian (fresh
dead man's toe please).  Therefore, he wantonly killed a messenger of the
god(dess)s who happened to be a incarnation of his own ancestor apparently
for spit.  I mean spite    (a bit of frog spite dear, -- I mean spit).

Surely such a spitful, I mean spiteful, and wasteful act will call the ire
of the heavens upon him, and we ladies of the glen need not trouble
ourselves any more about him.

NO NO!  Don't ROAST that elf!  Just TRUSS him!!!

Pamela NicIsh
banshee campaigning for war goddess slash clan antagonist

(Ladies, remember!  Long bow lessons at 8,  gossamer garment draping at 9.
Candles out by 10!)