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>Hey Bruce!!!  I can't wait to see these sites, though I might add, I
>haven't made it through the last bunch you sent, yet!!!
>Always learning, (and listening!!!)
>Robin L. Weeks

Robin, Jenni and all interested others:

Here is a list of world wide web resources where Celtic Art can be viewed
and some even downloaded:
Some Suggested Places to Peruse Celtic Art Topics on the Web:

Barbarians on the Greek Periphery? Origins of Celtic Art

Celtic and Heraldic Centre, The

Celtic Clip Art (Ceolas)

Celtic Design (Home page for Aidan Meehan's Celtic Design Series of books
and related stuff)

Celtic Knot Crosses (Chris 'Topher' Derosia's)

The Celtic Lady's Clip Art (Susan Zalusky)

Courtney Davis - Artist in the Celtic Tradition
(This Welsh born artist's work is also featured at:
The Celtic Mysteries

Draw your own Celtic knotwork

Highlander Graphics and Design
(Their "The Celtic Clip Art Collection" (Vol I) contains over 50 images
on a variety of
themes. Their site features several samples from the collection, as well
as ordering
information and highlights of the following future releases: The Celtic
Font Library, Celtic Clip Art Collection (Vol II), The Celtic Wedding
Collection and The Celtic Holidays)

Keltic Designs Home Page of Jen Delyth, (Welsh Artist)

Artwork of Jim Fitzpatrick

Karen and Jean's Celtic Art page

Mara Charnell's Irish gifs

Pagan and Occult-related art: Celtic and Viking Art

Patrick Gallagher, Celtic Art, Ltd

SkinPrints Gallery - Celtic

Tiernan's Backgrounds and Clip Art Collection

Bruce L. Jones
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