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>On Sun, 8 Dec 1996, Rudra Mac Cuhmaill wrote:
>>      Then pourest thy grace, refreshing shower,/ Upon men in grief and
>> hour,/ Upon men in straits and danger power,/ Without cease or start to
>> Without cease or start to show.
>>      Thou son of Mary of Paschal feat,/ Thou Son of Mary of death's defeat,/
>> Thou Son of Mary of grace replete,/ Who wast and art, shall be so/ With the
>> and flow/ Who wast and art, shall be so/ With the ebb and flow.
>>                           (451 "South Vist," p. 10)
>> laboremus,
>> Rudra Mac Chumaill
>Thank you for posting these beautiful poems.  Bette
Bette a chara, Eilis Brighid,

    You are most welcome,and, thank you, for your posting of that wonderful
poem about Galway Kinnell's mother, most "rake leaves" Zen-like in the
"epiphany" they shared. In case you missed my posting of mine own poem,
"Soaking," as Thomas Francis Noonan, indeed one and the same,I'd be happy to
send along...As I found the Scottish book about Highlander Poems after I wrote
"Soaking" with a gentler bow of my head to the Land of Vales and Glens (the
"Highwayman" business to me one of those more ignoble periods that, ala
"gangstas," seems too wildly popular, somehow)...

     Our friend Shae put a posting on of a website that I found highly
interesting on mythology, of the sort that one would think those of a
"bardic/filead" interest would appreciate better.  Great sources--John Rhys,
whose work I love--one verse he cites, "vale of the bee," has a "cutty black
sow" that the website owner--

John Hooker, describes as "the forces of darkness" opposed by Diarmait, a
legacy of a Druid from the Tuatha de Danaan, and one of Finn Mac Cool's
warriors. Too he has a description of white-robed Druids using mistletoe, with
the semen-like white fluid, for healing fertility, a *spiritual* opposition to
the rampaging "black cutty sow" and curved tusks of the boar, which Hooker
compares to the "sickle of Cronos," used by that miscreant to castrate his own
father in classical Greek mythology, causing Zeus, the Heavenly Father, to
banish Cronos as Lord of Hades, described most perfectly by Dante in "the
Inferno" as a place of cold, ghastly winds, a neo-plutocracy with sterile piles
of gold and silver, after which Cronos' favorite minion,
Cerberus-the-Three-headed-Hangdog, craves most mightily--though his huge,
claw-like feet are frozen in the Waters of Sorrow, his Luciferean-ego *orders*
his pteradoctyl-like lizard wings to beat harder, as the rage fills his beady,
crocodile-like narrow eyes...

     Hooker quotes Rhys citing a second-century Celtic Chieftain in Brittainy,
where the Roman historian Lucian is doing his research, as the Celt explains
how the Celtic deity Ognios, personifying the noble nature of speech, was
represented by Heracles rather than Hermes:

--"Stranger, I will tell you the secret of the painting, for you seem very much
troubled by it [showing the Celtic God Ognios, with his war-stave, quiver of
arrows and bow...]  We Celts are of the opinion that Heracles himself performed
everything by the power of his words, as he was a wise fellow, and that most of
his compulsion was effected by persuasion.  His weapons are his utterances
which are sharp and well-aimed, swift to pierce the mind: and you too say that
words have swift wings..."


Rudra Mac Chumaill, Namgyal Monastery
Dharamsala, India

--When Mara the Malign, the false idol of craving and desire for death, tempts
Buddha in the "visit to Brahma" parable, Buddha hears out the argument,
buzzing like a fly in his ear, that he is not "personally" of God and "will
certainly not discover another higher liberation, try as you will."
To the Malign One the Buddha speaks thus: Abandon your Hope...Brahma rescues
the sutra with which Mara had weaved diabolical intrigue, and repeats:
"I, O Worthy One,[Buddha, indeed] hold as eternal that which is truly eternal,
as persistent, as perennial, as indissoluble, as immutable that which is truly
Buddha, through "grace," is thus granted by heaven that extraordinary strength
beyond knowledge, concept or words, *viraya*, a "superior and powerful energy,"

with regards to ordinary mortal abilities, a supreme quality working the
miracle of "liberation of the will by means of the will."
     *Samyutta-nikaya*, (an ancient Pali:Vedic text), vol's 1.4,5

"If there is a lonesome tall pine tree standing, the forest has not ended..."
                Olde Tibetan Saying

--"General rule that speaker has right to tailor speech is not restricted to
but rather, is enjoyed by business corporations generally and by ordinary
engaged in unsophisticated expression as well as by professional publishers...
[Dissent] boils down to the choice of a speaker not to propound a particular
point of view..."
               *Hurley v, Irish-American Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Group of
Boston* (1995) 115 S. Ct. 2338

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