--To those claiming that "Michael Collins invented guerilla warfare," a posted
item Ray *somehow* missed, I'll repost a missive that I took the time to
compose off-list for the woman "pained" by the ignorance of *others* that her
son must endure...

     By the way, Maqqi: *C.P.*, you're no "mad mystical beggar monk poet," as
Gendun "The Presence" was known colloquially as the First Dalai Lama and his
self-realized and self-indentified reincarnation,"Him Again," nor are your
"coven of stooges in triplicate for their Internal Revenue Service
committee-speak PSYCHO-blitherings" anything but "cutty black sows" awaiting
rebirth as cockroaches with black-shards as fly-wings to be "bzz-bzz-bzz'ing"
their collective way across the path of one of mine own deeply-pained and
non-understanding children, the Very Venerable Kalu Rinpoche, Sara or Peter,
one of whom will most likely merit rebirth as a Dalia Lama, pausing to breathe
in the pure clean air of "10,000 feet just like being 10,000 years old" and
stepping, as if by *accident*, on the lot of your minions... ...pity...

       The very real Dalai Lama, His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso and a contingent of
"extremely pissed off Rinpoches" highly *concerned* at the shockingly ignorant
way your "bossman" U.S. Fed.Gov't. is allowed to caluminate myself and my
immaculately-phrased *teachings* will see you in Court, C.P.,as even kind,
tolerant Terrence Hallinan (genteel Irish Catholic like my late grandfather
Thomas Joseph Noonan), the "good" attorney to Patrick's "bad," has had enough
of your pet off-spring "Mary" et al, your adopted off-spring "Norma Bates,"
a.k.a. "Ick-aah Dah-link and her Butcher's Knife--curs and all!," and the way
you allow Schmidt and Canseco the cockbreath's and the dumbest crew of
"intelligence agents" in your Company's history, sordid as it has been, to
*plague* mine own dear Mother, Mary Anne. Best hit the law books there, too,
"brother-man," and be better prepared than Attorney Crococile of de-Nile Janet
Reno was when, last week, she went down in "buh-buh-buh" flames before the U.S.
Supreme Court, one of whose members, Mrs. Sandra Day O'Connor, remains most
*impressed* by my "meticulous, methodical mind" and the "way he does what he

P.S.  Yer head be spinn' most likely there, mate, from da schtink of what ye
ain't done, as well as what ye did manage to "dirty do" regarding myself, your
bastard son, and the life-of-exile I've thus been Hobson-choiced forced "to
[sometimes oars of one's own making be mighty heavy...]


[snipped headnotes, comments to follow]
>Subject: Re: Celtic Religion - what information do we really have - P
>I saw this at the bottom of your mail and thought it fits in with what my
>instructor {cultural diversity class} wanted us to understand about the unity
>of the human race.
><< "If there is a lonesome tall pine tree standing, the forest has not
>                 Olde Tibetan Saying
>  >>
>"If one person, just one, stands up for the unity of the human race than that
>unity is not an impossibility."  At least this is what I have read out of
>that statement and want to share that idea with my classmates at our party on
>the last day of class next week.  What do you think?  Proper credit will be
>given to you and the original saying of course :-)
>Caili/n Peters NicIsh
A chara Caili/n,

     Yes I believe your are right on target, so to speak, and you most
certainly have my permission to *re-cycle*.  I'm attaching an email to some
scholars who posted something on the tartans found in what was once known as
the Great Asiatic Plain, my file: "usa_tart," that offers an esoteric or
"secret whispered" mythos of my Tibetan Busshist tradition.  The credit for
that cultural tale belongs to my *elder* Rinpoches, including His Holiness the
Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, H.H. Dilgo Khyentse and Vajracarya the Chogyam
Trungpa (both deceased and, at this recent point in time, reborn somewhere...),
Lama Lodo, Sogyal Rinpoche (of the Ripga Fellowship, a most learned expert on
inter-cultural cross-weavings, he was Terton Sogyal,the tutor to our Great
Thirteenth Dalai Lama, 1876-1933, in his past life), H.H. Kusum Lingpa,
Rinpoche Sakya Jetsun Kush-o-la (my own "teacher") and her brother, Sakya
Trizin, Lama Kunga (his father was the Finance Minister to our Great
Thirteenth, and, after spending too many years in a Communist Chinese
gulag:prison, was rescued by his son and brought to Kensington, California, a
genteel community that allowed him to live his last days in peace, finally),
and Supreme Abbot of the Karma Kagyu tradition, Very Venerable Thrangu
Rinpoche, one of the original disciples to Padmasambhava *the* Buddha (c.
690-757 A.D.) the cultural unifier of Tibet, kind of our Alexander the Great in
his establishing a "brotherhood and sisterhood of true humans."

     I was trying to remember from whence the saying came, as well...One of the
earliest examples is the figure of Bodhidharma, an aristocratic warrior:caste
man from India known too, in China, as "Ta Mo," one of the early practicioners
of what martial arts people today call "empty force," a system of defense
utilizing psychic energy or "chi powa" spiritual force bestowed upon the
practicioner as a Blessing of Merit from Heaven.  His own native land of India
(circa 400 A.D.) had become *hostile* to Buddhist teachings, called the Dharma
(Truth), so he set out in search of two of his pupils, sent to China to see if
a vision they'd had of a "green valley" might be found there.  In China, he
gained *fame* for his spiritual prowess, and was summoned for interviews to the
Chinese leaders, who wanted to be told how great and noble they were for making
donations to various spiritual causes, i.e., in theory "having accumulated the
most spiritual merit" so thereby entitled to "have all bow down before," a
matter Bodhidharma found *troublesome,* seeing the *monkey clever* glinting in
the power-hungry Chinese warlord's eyes, replying, "No, no merit, none at all,"
thereby incurring great disfavor among the court, who set about
disinformationing him as an *upstart crow* type who'd "never even scholarly
studied the appropriate texts," and,interestingly enough, as a "court academic"
named Han Tse was to do circa 842 A.D. in China, as well (a period when
Buddhism was nearly eradicated from China, as monks and nuns were killed like
flies, temples pillaged, all the retreat lands and other property confiscated),
mis-labelled as a "cultural imperialist," as Bodhidharma's noble, patrician,
light-skinned ("arya," or brahmin caste, the teachers with strong cultural ties
to other Indo-Europeans), tall, thin-waisted and stiffly-erect,broad-shouldered
athletic build, features became perceived as "foreign" to the higher-body-fat
southern Chinese,) the court rulers then setting about "extermination by any
jihad necessary," as the Chinese Muslims have often done to our Buddhists (in
India throughout time, too...), our hero Bodhidharma forced to wander about and
"live by his wits," as a precurser to the "ninjas," becoming skilled at "hiding
his patrician birth-heritage" and pretending to be a barbarian, setting up
camps along the way to northern China, more hospitable to his *body type,*
literally alone, as he was "too hot to handle" to the end of his days...From
this real epic in history comes the tales of Bodhaiadaruma (as he is reverently
known in Japan) and his "siddhic abilities," allegedly able to "burn holes in
mountain walls with his eyes alone," a confabulation, I'm afraid, based upon
his practice of sitting in meditation facing "the mountain" sheer rock of a
cave (so as not to be discovered by the hostile bandits offered bounties for
his capture).  When asked why he spent so much time sitting in deep-meditation,
a *novelty* to the "can't sit still" Chinese of that time, he replied, "
search of the Green Valley on the other side," his shamanic vision from long
ago in India, of which he spent his entire life in faithful pursuit, never
losing *heart,* knowing, too, that "if one cannot see what needs to be done,
one cannot do..."

do char,
who grants permission for the foregoing, his original *tale,* as long as proper
credit is granted,and offers, "cead mile failte"...

Rudra Mac Chumaill, Namgyal Monastery
Dharamsala, India

--When Mara the Malign, the false idol of craving and desire for death, tempts
Buddha in the "visit to Brahma" parable, Buddha hears out the argument,
buzzing like a fly in his ear, that he is not "personally" of God and "will
certainly not discover another higher liberation, try as you will."
To the Malign One the Buddha speaks thus: Abandon your Hope...Brahma rescues
the sutra with which Mara had weaved diabolical intrigue, and repeats:
"I, O Worthy One,[Buddha, indeed] hold as eternal that which is truly eternal,
as persistent, as perennial, as indissoluble, as immutable that which is truly
Buddha, through "grace," is thus granted by heaven that extraordinary strength
beyond knowledge, concept or words, *viraya*, a "superior and powerful energy,"

with regards to ordinary mortal abilities, a supreme quality working the
miracle of "liberation of the will by means of the will."
     *Samyutta-nikaya*, (an ancient Pali:Vedic text), vol's 1.4,5

"If there is a lonesome tall pine tree standing, the forest has not ended..."
                Olde Tibetan Saying

--"General rule that speaker has right to tailor speech is not restricted to
but rather, is enjoyed by business corporations generally and by ordinary
engaged in unsophisticated expression as well as by professional publishers...
[Dissent] boils down to the choice of a speaker not to propound a particular
point of view..."
               *Hurley v, Irish-American Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Group of
Boston* (1995) 115 S. Ct. 2338

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