On Sun, 1 Dec 1996, Campbell, J.B. wrote:

> Dear Mr. Ironsides,
>       The type of book for which I am searching would most likely be
> old,and would have plenty of drawings or photographs of the various plaid
> designs woven in wool.  Something done with an historical perspective
> intended to give the reader a comprehensive overview of the earliest
> patterns and designs, where and when they were worn and made, and by
> whom. Perhaps this book does not yet exist.

Justine, Just call me Tom or Atheling; no need to be formal on Celtic-L.
You question is a good one for which there is no easy or pat answer.  The
best book on Tartan I know of is "Tartan-The Highland Textile" by James D.
Scarlett, 1990, Shepheard-Walwyn, Ltd. This is an excellent book and it
would be worth your effort to hunt one up or track one down.  :)  Also
check out "Tartans" by Blair Urquhart, 1994, Chartwell Books.  Both these
Books give histories of the tartans while Scarlett's book looks into
non-Scottish tartans. No Chinese tartans though. There is also a District
Tartan book written by Gordon Teal of Teallach back in 1992 I believe. I
really don't think the book you want has been written as yet.  Oh, I
almost forgot...there is a new book out written by Peter MacDonald, a
weaver in Scotland, on the Wilson's Key Pattern Book.

I do have some reservations on the Urquhart book since there are some
major errors in it but over all it's pretty good...the others are

I am very interested in Tartan...what's all this about Chinese tartans?

All the best,