Dear AFRIK-ITers,

for those of you who are interested we have set up an electronic conference
for the 'African Networks for Health Research & Development' (AFRO-NETS).

The main purpose of the conference is exchange of information between the
different networks active in Health Research for Development in the Eastern
and Southern African Region. By this better collaboration between the
networks is expected in the fields of capacity building, planning and
conducting research, transformation of research recommendations into
action, etc. We also hope to avoid duplications and save the scarce resources.
Topics for discussion could be:
 Advocacy for health research & development
 Priority setting
 Capacity building
 Resource mobilisation
 Dissemination of results
 Utilisation of research findings

The conference should also serve as a forum for announcing meetings,
training courses and other events of interest to the networks.

In addition to this, research proposals, research results and other
documents can be stored at the central computer and can be retrieved via
e-mail by anybody interested in them.

SatelLife has kindly agreed to host the conference and to provide technical
assistance in administering the mailing list.
To subscribe to AFRO-NETS send an electronic mail message to 'majordomo',
the software programme that handles all the messaging for AFRO-NETS: 

[log in to unmask]

Type the following commands only in the text of your message: 
(leave the 'Subject' line empty)

subscribe afro-nets

Alternatively you direct your WWW browser to AFRO-NETS' home page at:

and subscribe from there by filling in your e-mail address. 
In both cases you will get a confirmation message that your subscription
has been accepted. 

Thanks for your interest.


Dieter Neuvians
Moderator, AFRO-NETS