> > The earth station we have has a 2Mbps capacity direct to mae-east
> > connecting to uunet routers. We have 4 sun workstations, two DEC
> > stations, one alpha and one VMS (internal use) servers for various
> > internet services on the Gateway.
> > In the Ministers view, this is as big a hub as may be found
> > anywhere in subsahara. Thats his pride; he is really not too far
> > off.
> So there we have it!  This was in response to my asking in what
> sense the Ghana hub was the "biggest" in Subsaharan Africa.

I love this, this is getting to the "meat" of African
connectivity. Could anyone in South Africa inform us on the capacity
of the fastest router connected to the outside from there?

How about the following experiment for the Afrik-it community. An
informal survey on the capacities of all the Internet links connecting
Africa to the outside world. In terms of getting that info, we can
probably reach all the people we need on this list and a couple of

We can restrict the focus to all permanent connections (dial-ups may
be too many and too variable) to a point outside Africa. Let's try to
get a complete list of all of them, with IP address of the node in
Africa, and the capacity (bps) of the connection (ingoing and outgoing
if they differ).

This would provide an accurate snapshot of the real connectivity as of
late 1996. Perhaps the survey can be repeated in one year, to see
which way things are going.

How many total bits per second can get into and out of Africa over IP?
Perhaps this would be a more useful macroeconomic measure for the
"Information Age" than things like balance of trade? Let's not get too
carried away... ;)

Any comments/ideas? Has someone compiled this data already?
I am willing to collect this data and post the results.