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> Hi all,
> I am a Swedish pediatrician with collegues in Guinea-Bissau, with
> whom I would want to communicate. While a character based connection would
> certainly be useful, we all agree that full Internet access could be a
> major asset to education and social development in the country. My
> question now is this: Is it likely that the local Telecom company is in
> possession of a physical connection to the Internet? In that case, what is
> that type of connection called by the technicians? A technical person I
> met, but lost contact with, told me that such a connection exists in
> almost all countries, but that it is often "forgotten" even by the Telecom
> people. Guinea-Bissau has a functional telephone system, and a centrally
> placed Internet server could provide a large part of the country with
> dial-up TCP/IP.
> Hoping for answers, including tips about other means of connectivity.
> Regards, Lars Smedman


Good news from Guinea-Bissau!

We are preparing an Internet Conference to be held from 8 to 10 October. It will bring
together Guinea-Bissau (host country), Guinea-Conakry, Senegal, Cape-Verde, Mali and

The Conference is being organized in the framework of the activities of the UNDP
Regional Project "RAF/96/002 - Support to Development of Internet Services in the
Sub-Sahara Africa" in cooperation with the World Bank and the USAID.

Jose Henriques