Hi, all

I have an impression that African rural development is being neglected in
favour of urban development.  For that matter I would like to get some
data on national and international financial shares/efforts towards rural

I'm consindering to write a thesis for my Honours Degree program with the
following title:

"Urban Environmental Problems in Sub-Saharan Africa: Towards Alternative

My question is: If we want to achieve sustainability in our cities, where do
devote our attention/efforts?  In rural areas or in cities?

N.B  With the high urbanization rate in the developing world, the
international focus is in cities with different UN programs such as
ICLEI, UNESCO's Man and Biosphere etc. I find here a trend which may/will
neglect our rural areas, the backbone of our economy.

Thanks in advance.
Merci en avance.
Murakoze cyane.
Asanteni sana.

Innocent Kabenga
Brock University
Ontario, Canada