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> "African Network of IT Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) List"
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> "African Network of IT Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) List"
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>From:         Clement Dzidonu <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject:      Re: How do I reference opinions/ideas from AFRIK-IT
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>Status: RO
>You wrote:
>>I am writting a project on computer networking in Africa. I would like to
can you please be more specific about this ?
computer networking in Africa? Africa is very big and I suggest to you to
think about phase one and two etc....
I knox a lot of project with this title " networking in Africa" and I think
we have to focus on some countrys or regions in order  to gave a added value
to the project...

Anyway... my name is Nejib ABIDA from Tunisia and I am involved in some
activity concerning networking and may be I can give my contributions...

See RINAF (bad exemple)
Machraknet (networking for the arab region in the Machrek) !
Maghrebnet (the maghreb region)

Now we are speaking about RAITnet( (Regional Arab Information Technologies
Network) ....

So, let me know what is this project and may be i can give my contributions !

Have a nice day !
>>incorporate some of the opinions and ideas expressed on the list. However,
>>since these are not 'publications', I do not know how to appropriately
>>reference them in my paper. Could someone please help?
>You've raised an important question. I am sure this is one of those
>questions that the Internet community don't have answers to yet.It is true
>that a chuck of the contributions to AFRIK-IT were well researched by their
>authors and are therefore of high academic/research value. I am sure a
>number of colleagues including myself has in the past made references to
>some of the AFRIK-IT contributions  in presentations and
>research/conference papers.
>What I normally do is to contact the author for permission to quote.... and
>then in the actual presentation or paper I state that it was the Author's
>contribution to a debate/discussion on "this or that subject" on AFRIK-IT,
>a listserv runned by ANITEP. I am sure others may do it differently.
>Anyway here is a suggestion:
>1. Ask the Author for Permission to Quote (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
>2. Quote in Paper/Presentation (and if possible, indicate that this is a
>contribution to a discussion on [topic] on say, AFRIK-IT
>3. For Referencing:
>   Author, "Topic of Discussion":A Contribution, AFRIK-IT Archives (Month
>            Year): List Address
>   e.g
>    Daniel Zaba, "Internet Influence on Rural Development": A Contribution,
>                  AFRIK-IT Archives (May, 1996): [log in to unmask]
>Others may have other suggestions. Let's hear from them.
>Best rgds,
Nejib Abida                                           phone:216 1 800122
project manager                                    fax:     216 1 787827
IRSIT,2 rue ibn-nadim
montplaisir, Tunis, Tunisia
e-mail:[log in to unmask]