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> So, I'm wondering if we could make sechtarré into seven-oxen-star ?  that would at least make sense in star terms.  

But there's no word for oxen that would fit. By the way, sechtarré is only a tiny side issue of my article, which, I hope, will be out within the coming weeks in the next volume of Ériu.

> The term re which be any planetary body or star, or perhaps a star cluster (like we're dealing with here)?  

Since I literally only found out that the correct form for Ursus Maior is sechtarré on the very last day before I sent in the final corrections of my article, I was not able to go into any proper discussion of this and I missed out to discuss the term reë, even though in hindsight it would have been appropriate to include it in the article. At the moment, eDIL says that reë means "moon", but the new version of eDIL, due in summer, will have a wider definition that also includes other heavenly bodies. sechtarré, which had been set up as sechtaret so far, is the main witness for this.

> But given that we already have so relatively few instances of 're' anyway, I'm wondering if the 'ret' might be a (later?) term referring specifically to a star group?  

One section of my article deals specifically with rét, which I argue doesn't mean "star" at all. Apparently, eDIL came to the same conclusion independently.