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Subject: MEAM June 2018- How weather and climate extremes are impacting ocean ecosystems, new climate change tools, and the latest news and resources for ocean management

Dear MEAM readers,

Welcome to the June 2018 issue of MEAM (Marine Ecosystems and Management). To print the full issue of MEAM, click here<>. We welcome your comments and suggestions at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>. Best wishes for your work!

Sarah Carr, Editor
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MEAM (Marine Ecosystems and Management) Newsletter - June 2018

The Skimmer: The effects of climate change on ocean ecosystems, Part 1: New research and insights on how weather and climate extremes are impacting the ocean.<> This Skimmer provides a quick summary of recent and brand new research findings on how weather and climate extremes are impacting marine ecosystems - changes in species distributions, marine heatwaves, deoxygenation, and more<>.

Latest News and Resources for Ocean Planners and Managers<>

  *   UN negotiations on Paris climate agreement fall short; emergency negotiation session added<>
  *   UN sustainable development goal for oceans getting least attention and resources<>
  *   UN IMO adopts strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships<>
  *   India to ban all single use plastic by 2022<>
  *   G7 countries negotiate international charter to eliminate plastic waste<>
  *   Marine heatwaves becoming longer and more frequent<>
  *   Study finds climate change may make MPAs largely uninhabitable by current species by 2100 <>
  *   Study predicts range shifts for hundreds of North American marine species under climate change<>
  *   Study examines mandates and challenges for EBM in the EU, Canada, and US<>
  *   Massive online open course on assessing and managing Large Marine Ecosystems now open for enrollment<>
  *   Conservation X Labs competition seeks technology solutions to ocean conservation challenges<>
  *   New reports released on ocean hazards and risk and how the global insurance industry needs to act<>
  *   Massachusetts and Rhode Island choose developers for offshore wind projects to provide 1,200MW energy; commercial fishers in US Northeast concerned about conflicts<>
  *   US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management seeking public input on potential locations for offshore wind leases off US Atlantic Coast<>
  *   Number of overfished stocks in the US reaches all time low<>
  *   NOAA report says high tide flooding may occur half the year along US East Coast/Gulf of Mexico by end of century<>
  *   US House of Representatives rejects most proposed budget cuts for NOAA but defunds some federal MSP and EBM activities<>
  *   Want to know how the Trump administration is changing US environmental policy? A short version. A detailed version.<>

The EBM Toolbox: New tools, resources, and initiatives for dealing with the effects of climate change on ocean ecosystems and communities.<> This EBM Toolbox presents new tools, resources, and initiatives for evaluating ecosystem indicators; staying abreast of new marine heatwave, deoxygenation, and ocean acidification news; sharing and accessing global ocean acidification and harmful algal bloom data; and more<>.

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Want to learn more about reducing coastal risk with natural defenses?<> View a recent webinar and find relevant op-eds and scientific publications here<>.

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MEAM (Marine Ecosystems and Management)

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Supervising Editor: John B. Davis
Contributing Editor: Tundi Agardy
Director of Open Initiatives: Nick Wehner

Chair: David Fluharty, University of Washington
Jeff Ardron, Pacific Marine Analysis and Research Association
Kevern Cochrane, Rhodes University
Jon Day, James Cook University
Charles "Bud" Ehler, Ocean Visions Consulting
Ben Halpern, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
Jake Rice, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada
Joanna Smith, TNC Canada

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