Dear LIR mailing list members ,

I'm writing to you in relation to the IEDR's plan to liberalise the .ie domain from March 21st this year.

As you are aware, at present, in order to register a .ie domain you must show both a connection to Ireland and a claim to the particular name.  After March 21st there will be no need to provide evidence of a claim. The only requirements will be that the registrant can show a connection to Ireland and prove their identity.

Obviously as an Irish institution, there would be no question in relation to either identity or a connection to Ireland

For yourself it is important to consider if there are any .ie domains that you feel you should register prior to this liberalisation coming into force in March. As always, you can contact the HEAnet NOC [log in to unmask] to progress any of these registrations. 

The term 'University' will still be protected and anyone attempting to register a .ie domain using that word must clearly show their legal right to do so. However, there are no other protected terms in relation to education and research.  So anyone with a connection to Ireland could register any currently unregistered domainIn the case where a domain name was registered that you felt infringed upon you in any way, the IEDR does have a dispute mechanism:

Further information on policy liberalisation can be found here:

If you have any questions in regards to this, please don't hesitate to contact [log in to unmask] or myself [log in to unmask]


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