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HEAnet is setting up a Special Interest Group (SIG) on The Internet of 
Things (TIOT).
/(We are using TIOT to avoid confusion with Institutes of Technology (IOT))

/The purpose of HEAnet’s SIG-TIOT will be to explore why and how TIOT is 
important for our education and research community.To do this 
effectively we need your collaboration.

If you are interested in joining the HEAnet SIG-TIOT, please join the 
listserv mailing list:HEAnet‑[log in to unmask] 
<mailto:[log in to unmask]> by sending an e-mail to 
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include the following text in the body of the email: *subscribe 
HEANET-TIOT firstname lastname*
What is The Internet of Things in the context of this SIG-TIOT? *
In the context of this SIG it is both the devices or software that 
collect data, and the data itself, which can be used for the benefit of 
our users/community. The SIG-TIOT will focus on identifying use cases 
that clearly demonstrate these benefits. The first step will be a Proof 
of Concept (PoC) by one Higher Education Institute (HEI) to identify a 
use case. Examples of possible use cases:

  * How TIOT influences HEIs ICT services (utilising infographics):
    supporting Business transformation;
  * How the procurement and implementation of Building Management
    Systems with TIOT functionality can align with the objectives and
    specifications of a HEIs ICT and/or Facilities Departments;
  * How TIOT can provide a better understanding on improving student
    retention: Student Success Technologies;
  * Which device upgrade strategy, product continuity and operational
    management tools are required to keep devices and software up to
    date and sustainable;
  * That an effective risk mitigation policy (detection, mitigation,
    auditing, etc.) can be designed and implemented to better manage
    security data from devices and software
  * How your organisation can effectively manage the ever increasing
    demand for (wireless) devices and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD);
  * How devices, used in a TIOT curriculum, can be properly protected
    (e.g. science/education DMZ);
  * How edge, community or public clouds can provide storage, compute
    and analytics to deliver value from big data;
  * How awareness of security, privacy and ethics is stimulated to all
    providers/users of a TIOT environment to support secure communications;
  * How TIOT research can be valuable to stimulate educational technology;
  * Which services (brokerage, frameworks, professional services,
    trans-border/domain services) should HEAnet provide to support the
    implementation of successful TIOT use cases.

*            Note: The SIG-TIOT will not be limited to or by this list 
of examples.

**SIG-TIOT Membership and Meetings
***The SIG-TIOT will meet (both face-to-face and virtually) on a regular 
basis to:

  * discuss and present use cases;
  * exchange experiences and knowledge on emerging products/services;
  * document and distribute best practices etc.

Members will be:

 1.  From the HEAnet client community: ICT or facilities department
    staff, lecturers, researchers, student representatives, etc.;
 2. Expected to provide active input to the SIG agenda;

Note: Industry and other external representatives will be invited to 
contribute ideas/input to SIG discussions and use cases.

Examples of SIG-TIOT outputs will include:

  * meeting people who have similar interests
  * presentation at conferences/events
  * infographics

****All the best,

Victor Reijs
Network Development Manager and International Relations
HEAnet CLG, Ireland’s National Education and Research Network
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