Please ignore (unless you feel inclined to respond).

Firstly, I am working on a background task to help interface the Listserv
database (2006-2016) into the planned new Metaphorum website. As such, I
need a '2017' message to test some inter-system linkages.

Those who interested in providing feedback/suggestions can view the
still-in-development page here:

Secondly, in order to explore a potential linkage between the Listserv and
Linkedin (as an example) I will submit another post following this which
can also be ignored or responded to here, or in Linkedin. The motivation to
activate the otherwise dormant Listserv domain for this experiment is
primarily the apparent size limitation within the proprietary
Linkedin environment (for me).

My next Listserv posting (once established) will then be posted on Linkedin
by way of my contribution etc --- at least that is the plan. Although
selected somewhat at random, the topic is of interest, imo, and so I have
compiled 4k words to express my views which appear to exceed the Linkedin
short-clippy comment limits (at least as an infrequent user, it seems so to
me) -- and probably breaks several implied 'executive' taboos inculturated
within that commercial environment.

Thank you.

(p.s. if you do respond here please remember to clip off the email tails.)

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