Niall Gallagher  wrote:
>I don't know the real meaning of "cin cob ed", I believe that it literally means "error that it may be", I guess it means "whatever / however"

Hi Niall,
  I found a few examples of 'cob' used with the preposition 'cen' (without, except) in DIL.  See DIL entry for 'cen' IV (c) where it says 'cen' is used "with following 'co' as conjunction".  It gives examples translated 'even though, though'.   'cob' looks like 'co' plus 3rdsingular present subjunctive of copula, as you implied. 

Maybe 'cin  cob ed' translates 'even though it may be' or 'even though it were'.    The meaning in this text  is not clear to me. 
  Here are some other examples -- 

" breithri re gnimh no briathar re gnim is comardughad co frithaige etarru gidh comard na cneda gin cob edh "

" uair cencob tria frichnum atat "

"i. [ni] dairter i itir .i. cid aicinta cin cob aicinta doib"

"cin cob esbadach acht an oenmad rand fichit de"

Hope that is helpful, Liz

Niall wrote -- 
>Judgement under Irish law for nursing is not possible by (someone) who does not know the three errors of nursing. 
>Three ways in which he who is doing nursing is imperilled, i.e. error of not providing his removal immediately if there is not a danger of death, and error of his removal before nine (days) if he is in danger of death, and the error of not providing his removal before nine (days), whether (or not) in danger of death, unless a learned man of medicine has stated that he would be dead. Or an error without food and without a doctor and without a replacement doctor. 
>> l Ni tualuing bretemnacht la Fene for otrus nat fiastar tri baegla otrusa.1
>> gloss -- 
>> 1 .i. tri hernaili ima mbaodhlaighther inti doni in otrus .i. baoghal can a
>> dingbail fo cetoir munob cunntabartac bais, 7 baedhal a dingbhail riasa .ix. masa cunntabartac bais, 7 baegal cen a dingbail iarsin .ix., cidh cunntabartac
>> bais cin cob ed, acht munar focaill sai legha comad marb e. no baegal cen biadh 7 can liaigh 7 can fir mama modh