Hi, I was looking into using the Csound API, using the example code from the FLOSS manual (http://write.flossmanuals.net/csound/a-the-csound-api/) and I've been getting an error where I'm getting no audio output. In the terminal I get the following message:

 unknown rtaudio module: 'PortAudio', using dummy module

rtaudio: dummy module enabled

Really unsure why this is happening, I'm on a mac so PortAudio should be the correct rtaudio module. I know my csd is running because I added a printks statement which succeeds in printing to the terminal. Tried selecting port audio both in my csd and in the command line. I've included all the code I am using, please let me know if you see anything. 

Here is my csd:



-odac1 -+rtaudio=PortAudio



sr = 44100

ksmps = 128

nchnls = 2

0dbfs = 1.0

turnon 1

instr 1

printks "i'm on", 1

a1 oscil .8, 440

outs a1, a1






Here is the example code from the manual that I am running:

Run with command line ./apitest "csdfilename"

#include <stdio.h> 
#include <csound/csound.h> 

uintptr_t csThread(void *clientData); 

typedef struct { 
  int result; 
  CSOUND *csound; 
} userData; 

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) 
  int finish;
  void *ThreadID; 
  userData *ud; 
  ud = (userData *)malloc(sizeof(userData));  
  MYFLT *pvalue; 
  ud->csound = csoundCreate(NULL);  
  ud->result = csoundCompile(ud->csound, argc, argv); 

  if (!ud->result) {  
    ud->PERF_STATUS = 1; 
    ThreadID = csoundCreateThread(csThread, (void *)ud); 
  else { 
    return 1; 

  /* keep performing until user types a number and presses enter */
  scanf("%d", &finish);
  ud->PERF_STATUS = 0; 
  return 0; 

/* performance thread function */
uintptr_t csThread(void *data) 
  userData *udata = (userData *)data; 
  if (!udata->result) {
    while ((csoundPerformKsmps(udata->csound) == 0) &&
           (udata->PERF_STATUS == 1));
  udata->PERF_STATUS = 0;    
  return 1; 
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