I'm having a go at making an opcode again. Come across a snag.

I have two i-rate input arguments, that aren't passing properly into my opcode.
This is my set of inputs in the struct:

    MYFLT *carIn, *modIn, threshLo, threshHi;                 // input args

That's 2 a-rate, followed by the 2 i-rate in question. I am doing
nothing with them in the init function, and in the performance
function I am only doing this before trying to use them:

    MYFLT iSideThreshLo = p->threshLo;
    MYFLT iSideThreshHi = p->threshHi;

I am passing 0.2 and 0.6 for these parameters in my csd, but when I
monitor the values in my opcode, they look like this:

p->threshLo = 1.69618e-316
p->threshHi = 1.69618e-316
iSideThreshLo = 1.69618e-316
iSideThreshHi = 1.69618e-316

I guess that I need to do some more to initialise them or something,
but I can't figure it out, even when having a look through some
existing opcode source.

Any ideas?



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