> Ailech cen g(h)iall
>> Tem(h)air hi traig.
>> Daurluis cen biad.
>> Line cen luad.
>> Luachair i llen.
>> Emain co huar.
>> Maisten cen miad.
>> Carman cen riad.

I have --

Ailech without a hostage.
Temhair exhausted.
Darluis without food.
Line not mentioned.
Luachair in sorrow.
Emain bleakly.
Maisten without honor.
Carman without a course.

notes -- 
tráig -- 'strand, shore...metaphorically exhaustion, death frequently with preposition fo'. 
See DIL T column 272.  Briefly, I thought about St Patrik's prediction that Ireland will be 
under water 7 years before the end of the world. Since it is on a high hill, Tara could be on 
the shore at the end of the world. But I doubt that is what is meant here.

lúad -- act of moving...mentioning'

úar -- adjective 'cold..bleak'.  I did not see a discussion of its use as substantive in DIL, but 
use of an adjective with 'co' could indicate an adverb phrase. 

ríad- 'act pf riding or driving...course, journey, career'.  There is a second questuonable 
reading  'authority, control

Rhyming rules are complicated and involve both the vowels and the types of consonants. 
These are the rhymes that I see -- 

míad, ríad,biad -- Although the dictionary headword for 'biad' does not have a fada, there 
are several examples in the entry with a fada.   I think the vowels in these three words 
would sound the same.


Comments welcome, Liz