On 28/06/2015 7:07 AM, Liz Gabay wrote:

> [...] atbert Bec bui immarcraid na noidin(e) moire aice do scelaib derid domain.  Conid and
> atbertsum --

> The 'e' after 'noidin' is very faint, like someone rubbed it out.

It is surprising to me that they didn't also rub out the -e at the end of 
'moire'. I can't make sense of (gen. sg.) 'noídine móire' but  (dative 
singular comparative) 'noídin móir' would be fine. I suspect that a scribe 
mistook the preceding 'na' as the genitive fem. article, and  produced gen. 
sg. forms of fem. 'noídiu mór' to match. And then these were subsequently 
half-corrected here.

> This is followed by several short phrases. Most of them start with a red and black letter; I
> suspect this is the verse.

Yes, that's right. (The first word in each line of the verse is a place-name.)