On 27/06/2015 2:27 PM, Liz Gabay wrote:

> Cetbriathra Bic maic De inso.  Iarna genemain fo cetoir, dia mbui cach oca ráda is Bec in
> nóidiu,

> 'mbui cach' is faint and uncertain
It is, but I think that your reading is what is required.

Here is my translation:

"The first words of Becc mac Dé [are] here below.
Immediately after his birth, as to which everyone was saying 'The child is 
small', ..."

So he was 'Becc' (Small one)  because he was so small when he was born, and 
(as we have seen) 'mac Dé' (child of God) because he converted in his dying 
hours from druidism to Christianity.