On 24/06/2015 1:52 PM, Liz Gabay wrote:
>> "Ni fir," or Bec. "Nisfilet acht vii mis dom shægul."
>> Iar sin didiu robeir in cler(ech) he 7 dorat comand 7 sacarbaicc do

> "It is not true" said Becc.  "There are but seven months (left) to my life."
> After that then the cleric brings it and he gave communion and sacrament to him

> nisfilet -  looks like negative particle 'ní' plus 'fil' (form of substantive verb used after
> particles and in relative constructions) .  The 's' looks like an infixed object pronoun, 3rd
> plural or feminine 3rd singular. I am not sure what it is doing here.

I took it to be a plural proleptic infix anticipating the seven months.

>I can't explain the '-et' either.

It's a 3 pl ending. The conjunct substantive verb 'fil' could take personal 
endings in Middle Irish: see Stair na Gaeilge p 323, second last paragraph.

> robeir -- looks like a form of 'beirid'..carries, gets, brings. '-beir' is listed as a 3rd singular
> present indicative conjunct form.  I am not sure what to make of the 'ro-' prefix here.

The 'bringing' is completed before the 'giving' begins, and the 'ro' is 
there to emphasise that: see DIL R 77.74f.