On 21/06/2015 10:59 AM, Liz Gabay wrote:

> Co n-acca Colum Cille fora chind.  Bennachaid Bec do.  "Is amrai in faitsine," or Colum Cille,
> "Is o Dia ata in morfhissa tucad deitt."
> "Atlochumar do Dia," or Bec.

> The 'u' in 'atlochumar' is difficult to see and could be a different letter.

I think you must be right. It looks like the 'u' in 'shaegul' two lines 
down (and it certainly isn't an 'a' or an 'o').

The corresponding passage in Egerton 1782 = Silva Gadelica is:
conacca Colum cilli ar a chionn. bennachais dó. is amra in fháistine ar 
Colum cilli :
is ó dia atá in fioss mórsa tucad duit.
atlóchamar do dia ol Becc.