On 20/06/2015 10:38 AM, Liz Gabay wrote:
> Etsecht Bic meic De inso.
> This title is enclosed in a red rectangle, above and to the right of the start of the story.
> O thanic cusna dedenchu do Bec mac De, luid laa fora .s. (slicht?) slog mar oc cuinchid
> fhaitsine fair.

> I have not seen the abbreviation '.s.' but I guessed it might stand for 'slicht'.

Luckily, that abbreviation is extremely common in law texts. There it 
stands for 'sét' = chattel; specifically a heifer worth half an ounce of 
silver. Cf .c. for 'cét'.

As with .c. = 'cét', any of the available homonyms might be indicated. Here 
in our text I am pretty certain that  .s. = sét 'path'. The phrase 'téit 
for sét' occurs elsewhere in the sense 'goes on a journey' (see DIL under sét).