On 7/06/2015 11:53 AM, Liz Gabay wrote:

> Ut d(i)ca(nt) aliius.
> The second word starts with 'd' and is followed by a letter that looks like a  'c'.
 > I do not think it is an 'x'.

But it is an 'x', Liz. Go to here:
and mouse over the 'x' in the white block.

>There is a subscript 'a' under this letter
No, it's just the bottom part of the 'x'.

> and a horizontal line above it which may represent 'nt'.
The word is 'dixit', written as dx with a suspension stroke over the top.

> 'aliius' has the semicolon 'us' sign and I wonder if it was meant to represent a semicolon, as
> a punctuation mark here instead of 'us'.
> I found examples in DIL, my translations, --
> A 23 under '5 acht'  "ut alius dicit" (as another says)

and so here: ut aliius dixit 'as another said'.