A couple of months ago, there was some interest in looking at the poem 
found at the bottom of the LU manuscript of Táin Bó Flidais.  

  This poem is written in smaller letters from left to right across the bottom 
of the entire page. 

  Looks like 7 syllables each line, with monosyllabic verse ends which makes it 
an example of rannaigecht dialtach (rannaigecht mór).   

 Here is the first stanza.  All comments and translation attempts welcome.  Liz 

Bricne cecinit  (Latin for  'Bricne sang') 

1. Ailid Ailill amra triath 
gadaim tre ech asa íath. 
domorched cul comlúth marc 
as ferr sagod ro orth íath.