> > The frog, the drop, the moon, the still waters.

Actually, there is no moon in Bashō's poem, but somehow I only could 
picture it with the moon reflected on the surface of the pond.

On 22 Jan 2012 at 13:36, Dennis King wrote:

> It would be hard to imagine the "loscann" appearing in any OI or MI  
> poem in any naturalistic or positive way.

Indeed. The common frog is actually native to Ireland. Patrick wasn't 
successful in driving it out.

> BTW, there is an odd gloss of "loiscend" in Sanas Cormac 257.  In part:
> Colpdae .i. don chiunn bis fair rohainmniged .i. in loiscend .i. cu  
> cnamha.
> Colpdae, i.e. he was named after the head that is on him, i.e. the  
> frog, i.e. "a hound of gnawing / ravaging".
> That makes the critter sound mighty unpleasant!

What's that all about?