‘Samhoin so’ 10 – 13.  MacLiag’s account of Tadg’s prowess is contested by
Murchad mac Broin

*10. Do áirmhius n**ōi** fichit sc**ī**ath** ***

*do beit[h] gom thr**ī**at[h] tre goil ngairg,*

*gan **scīath** d**ī**bh acht **scīath** ríg r**ā**in*

*arna tuitim re l**ā**im Taidg.*

11. *Adubairt Murchadh mac Broin: *

*‘A mic L**ī**ag **ō** thoigh na ttr**ī**ath,*

*Tadg **ō **Ceallaigh, gid c**ē**im nirt,*

*n**ī** l**ē**igfind f**ē**in leis mo sc**ī**ath’.*

12.  *Do  r**ā**idhius ris ‘na óil,*

*beg**ā**n gl**ō**ir do budh m**ō**r neimh:*

*‘N**ī** g**ē**badh **ū**ad Tadg mo thr**ī**ath*

*gan do sc**ī**ath is gan do s˙leigh’.*

13. *Do rāidh slūag Laigen go lēir,*

*ca drong as fēile inás īatt?*

*‘Iomarbáigh nī fuil bar n-ord,*

*na freccroidh go borb Mac Līag!’*

10.  I counted nine twenties of shields

being with my lord through rough wailing,

all of them shields of illustrious kings

felled by the hand of Tadg.

11. Said Murchadh mac Broin:

"O Mac Líag from the house of the princes,

Tadhg Ó Ceallaigh, though he be strong,

me, I would not leave my shield with him."

12. I said to him in his drinking hall,

small the voice, great the venom,

" Tadhg, my prince, would not leave

without both your shield and your spear."

13. Said the whole host of Leinster

(what band more generous than they?):

“contention is not your wont;

do not be answering Mac Liag so rudely!”