Dear Scholars and students,

 I will post the next pair of verses, even though I haven't had leisure to
get around to commenting on the last two sets.  I'm up at the Celtic
Congress in Maynooth, and access to internet is not the best.  I hope to be
reporting back on entertaining developments re Koch and the Tartessian, but
just let me get home first, where I can spread out at more leisure.
 Meanwhile, here's a few more verses to keep ye all occupied and to assure
ye all that I have not forgotten about the dear scholars and students of the



‘Samhoin so’ 35 & 36

35. *Ōn laithe sin a nGlend Gercc*

*nī raibhe ag rīg dar derg cnedh*

*muinnter mar muintir mo rīg *

*Taidg ūi Cheallaigh re snīomh slegh*.

*laithe *– pl of lá, day

*cnedh* – wound, a sore , a complaint

*muinntear* – household, family, followers,

*múinteoir*- teacher

sníomh – winding, twirling, spinning

*sleg* - spear

From those days in Glenn Derg

the king has not had as a red wound

a people who could be teachers to my king,

Tadg Ua Cellaigh, over a twisting spear.

36.  *A ndaingen nochar an sē,*

*glūasis co cloinn Nēill da deōin,*

*cēim troighed ag dul re hard*

*beiris Tadg a g*con*ne an tsl*ōg.