Liz Gabay wrote:

>> 41.
>> Losccadh longport Brīain bodeas
>> le cloinn Conaill go ccnes nglan,
>> ar nert cloidhem is scīath gil
>> do dīghail Tadg sin rē samh.

>> bodeas – no results
> This looks like 3rd singular preterite of copula 'bo' plus the  
> adjective 'dess/deas'.

= OI "fo dess", Mod. "ó dheas" = to the south

> I wasn't sure how to translate 'go ccnes nglan'.  Maybe it's a  
> cheville, or
> maybe it means there was nothing left of the stronghold but a thin  
> shell like a
> skin?

= with clean / white skin, of the clear skin (descriptive of Clann