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> and of loud-howling Aeodo Ui Neill
> Also, you need to put the man's name in the nominative in English.  Leaving
> it in the genitive doesn't really make sense.
> Dear Dennis,

I very much like your point about the difference between an intrinsic
attribute of MR and the merely temporary state of being of AON.  But here
with the genitive we are talking about the anger of MR and the anger of AON.
 You kept them both in the genitive in your translation of July 30th and it
made perfect sense.

How about:
The anger boiled over of steady MR
and of AON, loud his howls
Really, we can just fall back on your translation altogether, I just like to
get rid of our English strings of little words that don't mean much in
themselves, just stick the bigger ones together.