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> It is a long time since my last visit to this list.  I have question to you:
> What would be a futurisc font for the 19th century?
> Let me explain better, supose I am a 19th century guy, what font I would
> think is futurisc?

Best research for this would be illustrations from and covers of 19th century science fiction stories --- the problem being that most of those weren't set in what was then considered the future, but instead, posited futuristic technologies in the contemporary world.

A 19th century exception would be:

Jane C. Loudon's _The Mummy!: A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century_ (1836)

but it's an obscure book, and not sure it got illustrations.

Consider instead the vernacular of writing and printing then:

 - the old hand-cut types are still in use and only joined in designs made by a pantograph at the end of the century
 - ``new'' slab serifs became available at the turn of the century
 - people are still writing w/ metal nib pens and using pressure to vary the style (the ``secret'' of the broad nib pen not yet having been ``rediscovered'' by Edward Johnston
 - images and handwriting are still being printed by lithography, books use woodcuts or engravings for images

and instead choose the ``high-tech'' of an industrial sans serif grotesque like Akzidenz Grotesk or Franklin Gothic or Benton's Century.


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