Just to clarify this potentially confusing topic, century naming works as

19th Century: January 1, 1801-December 31, 1900.
20th Century: January 1, 1901-December 31, 2000.
21st Century: January 1, 2001-December 31, 2100. 
Andrew Norris

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If I am 19th century person I know nothing about the 20th century.  No 20th
font was invented yet.  So, I still don't know what the next century will

We don't know also how the next century will be, but in our imagination we
have a vision of the future.

The spaceships from the original Star Trek (from the sixties) have Eurostile
on them.  That was a sixties future.

Paulo Caparica Junior

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> A 20th century one?
> mg
> Scríobh 05/05/2011 17:45, Paulo Junior:
> Hello all,
>> It is a long time since my last visit to this list.  I have question 
>> to
>> you:
>> What would be a futurisc font for the 19th century?
>> Let me explain better, supose I am a 19th century guy, what font I 
>> would think is futurisc?
>> thanks all,
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