On 29/04/11 14:31, Burke, Edward wrote:
> HI Peter,
> Before I retired, many theses handed in to me for printing and
> binding were set in any of a myriad of typefaces, usually set using
> MSWord and mostly using justified spacing with some students even
> insisting that the printing be done on both sides of the sheet -
> something not very practical to do in the days when the typewriter
> and stencil duplicator were the normal modes of reproduction. 

The Library has managed to get colour on the title page forbidden at
least. Trying to photocopy an old thesis for an inter-library loan
request when half the title page was invisible was not good :-)

> I would be somewhat interested to learn how many 3rd level
> institutions have actually gone to the bother of up-dating thesis
> publication specifications for the modern era. 

Relatively few, I think.

> I would rather doubt if our insitution has because even in recent
> years I had a few students asking about the rag content in the paper
> we were suppling for thesis printing. Now where would they have got
> the wherewithal to ask that I wonder?

Them ol' interwebs, I guess. Mr Google has a lot to answer for.

> Trust you are keeping well.

All is well, and your expertise is missed :-)