This is a call for proposals for the writing of commissioned case  
studies on the topic of ICTs, climate change and development.   
Proposals should be submitted by 11th February 2011.


Recognising both the growing impact of climate change in developing  
countries and the growing role of ICTs, Canada's International  
Development Research Centre (IDRC) is funding a two-year project on  
ICTs, climate change and development.  The project is coordinated by  
the University of Manchester's Centre for Development Informatics  
(project web site:

As part of the project, a series of short case studies will be  
commissioned and written during 2011 on various aspects of this topic.  
  Case studies should be original and evidence-based analyses of  
already-implemented (i.e. not proposed) initiatives related to ICTs  
and climate change in developing countries.  They could be related to  
use of ICTs in climate change mitigation, monitoring, adaptation or  
strategy in developing countries.

The case studies should be 1,500-2,000 words in length, and aimed at a  
"reflective practitioner" audience.  They should provide a brief  
description of the initiative, but focus mainly on analysis (of  
impacts, enablers/constraints, and lessons learned/recommendations  
including - where applicable - reflections on scaling up).

Selected authors will be commissioned to write the case study using  
the following template format:
-     Title & Author(s)
-     Initiative Overview (including classification according to  
project ICCD Overview Model*)
-     Application Description (hardware / software / telecommunications)
-     Formal Drivers (e.g. climate change issue faced) and  
Objectives/Purpose for ICT usage
-     Stakeholders involved
-     Impact: Costs and Benefits
-     Evaluation: Failure or Success
-     Enablers / Critical Success Factors
-     Constraints / Challenges
-     Recommendations / Lessons Learned
-     Further Information

*Available from:


We require proposals to be sent electronically by 11th February 2011,  
and aim to confirm accepted proposals by the end of February.   
Proposals will be selected on the basis of quality and value-added of  
the proposal; expertise of the author(s); and with a view to ensuring  
overall geographical and topic coverage.

First drafts of the case studies will be due by the end of April 2011.  
  Final drafts will be due by the end of June 2011.

Finalised copies of the case studies will be made available online and  
disseminated via the project network.  It is also our intention to  
publish select case studies as part of a book to be produced at the  
end of the project in 2011.


Authors will be contracted by the University of Manchester to produce  
a draft version of the case study, followed by a finalised version  
that acceptably meets quality requirements following draft review  

A payment of 600 (British pounds) will be made on acceptance of the  
final draft of the case study.


Proposals should be sent to: [log in to unmask] by 11th February  
2011.  They should consist of the following:

a) Title of proposed case study, and author(s).

b) 300-500 word executive summary of the case study's rationale, focus  
and content. The executive summary should highlight the importance and  
value-added of the proposed case study to the ICTs, climate change and  
development field.

d) Two-page CV for each proposed author focusing particularly on past  
publication and contract research experience in ICCD or related areas.  
  Reference to sample publications that demonstrate relevant writing  
experience would be an asset.

You are welcome to contact us in advance of the deadline if you have  
any queries at [log in to unmask]  This call can be found at:

Richard Heeks & Angelica Ospina
Climate Change, Innovation and ICTs Research Project