Helen McKay wrote:

> But doesnt 'sinnach' itself look adjectival?

Well, yes.

> And can I ask what to make of this gloss? any ideas what this is  
> about please?
> Sindach .i. sen-nech .i. neach as sine do conaib e .i. ar fat a rée.

It looks like typical Sanas Cormaic: imaginative!  One problem is that  
"-nech" is not used as an element in real word formation, as far as I  
know.  (Whether foxes actually live longer than dogs, I somehow doubt  
that Cormac and his colleagues would have known or really cared.  A  
pet fox might have had a long lifespan compared to a larger dog.  The  
smaller the canid, the longer the lifespan as a rule, I think.)

BTW, I posted images of this entry from one of the MSS on my blog