For 'bamach' read 'bannach' (bandach) - active, deedful, crafty.  As in Torannan bandach.

But doesnt 'sinnach' itself look adjectival?  as if it too isnt the 'real' word for fox?  And can I ask what to make of this gloss? any ideas what this is about please?
Sindach .i. sen-nech .i. neach as sine do conaib e .i. ar fat a rée.

(Oh I mean conceptually...?) 

In the highlands I have also heard that they use another form - red dog (madra).  Seems like we are supposed to use any other word than the 'real' one - whatever that is? 

And they have that wonderful tale about the king Tod, who helps the young man gain the kingship. 

And yes the fox is a fierce predator, fierce and clever.  Our foxes (introduced) arent hunted so they grow to full size and are bigger than most large dogs and are capable of taking out male brushtails with their fangs and claws, and shredding it all over my lawn.  As for any cat or dog left out at night, they dont stand a chance - we have no problems with strays around here! I turned a corner one evening and saw one leap over a 6 foot fence, and I live in a metropolis of 3 million.  And my neigbour saw one at dawn recently running with a big cat hanging from its jaws - breakfast apparently.