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This, below, has come through my work email today.

I have copied the main message to here -- including author's address, if anyone wishes to contact them.

It includes a web page link with the details for making donations if you are so inclined.


From: Paulina-Downey (Santiago) [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Friday, 5 March 2010 11:48 PM
To: Austrade Users; TradeStart Export Advisers
Subject: Chile devastated

Dear colleagues,

I hope it is ok to copy you all but I wanted to reach as many people as possible.
The 8.8 earthquake in Chile last weekend has greatly impacted the whole country. I know you have all probably seen footage and pictures of some of the scenes that have been going around and have an idea of the level of devastation.

It is terrible. Complete towns have been wiped out. People have lost families, homes and their source of income.

In the last election the elected President sold us the idea that we would work to become a developed economy in the next 10 years. We would do everything needed to jump from a per capita income (ppp) of US$14,000 to US$24,000. We were all traped by the idea.

However that will now have to wait and we will need to spend the next 4 years reconstructing the country. It is very tough to come to terms with the fact that you must postpone this great dream due to a situation that is completely out of your control.

Chile is country that is used to earthquakes. Every 20 years we loose a major town or city. From the moment we are born we know that in our lifetime we will for sure experience and earthquake.

However the extension this has taken is something we had not experienced before. The territory affected encloses 80% of the population of Chile.

45% of  industrial capacity has been affected from medium to severely as reported by industry. Highways and bridges, which are crucial to our connectivity have been damaged. The first couple of days we were having trouble feeding some of the most affected towns because we couldnīt reach them.

We are a modest country and although very disciplined in the management of its finances, we donīt have great resources. Fortunately, this events caught us with savings and very little debt.

We, Austrade staff are greatly affected. Fortunately all of us and our families are ok. We did not loose our homes. But our personal logistics have been affected because people around us, highways, basic services and schools are all affected. The amount of sad stories that each of us has been touched by are countless. Aside from watching a million more on TV and radio everyday. Hardworking people have lost everything and as a people we cannot leave them on their own.

The whole country has been organizing since day one in several aid crusades. First, to get food and water to the people whose towns were wiped out by the Tsunamies. The government has been doing part of this but initiatives by groups of people have been working on this as well, including our kids schools, groups of friends etc.

Second, to get medical aid to them. Fortunately other countries have send us emergency hospitals, together with doctors, to replace the hospital capacity of 9 hospitals that are on the floor and 10 others that were left only partially operational. Also the meds schools in the country have sent this morning 200 of their students in the last two years of med school to assist in any way possible, and to replace medical personnel who has been working not stop from day one.

And tonight a 24 hour Telethon called "Chile helps Chile" (Chile ayuda a Chile) will start at 10pm local time, which will be broadcasted by all the local TV stations and radios. The idea is to raise money to build 30,000 emergency homes to provide some shelter to the families that have been left homeless, while permanent housing is build. We need to raise AUD$32million.

If any of you want to help, here is the web page with the details for making donations to the organization leading the emergency homes initiative together with the government.

Austrade Santiago will be extremely grateful if you can help. It doesnīt matter how little or how big. It all adds up and we can build the homes needed for the people left without shelter. Fall is about to start and the main area in which the greater number of homeless people are is cold in winter and it will begin raining in about one month. We have a bit of time but we need to move now.

Thanks all for your attention and best wishes to everyone.
Paulina Downey
Senior Business Development Manager
Australian Trade Commission (AUSTRADE) Santiago
Isidora Goyenechea 3621, Of. 902,  Las Condes.
Tel. (56-2) 733 4737  Fax (56-2) 3315074

---end of message---

On Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 8:49 AM, William Livingston <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Enrique: I resonate with your anxiety and emotional stress. At this juncture it is best to recognize those issues which sprawl over the limits of what institutions can do - and those issues about which something can be done. Yours is not the first earthquake and yours is not the first "failing" of an Establishment in crisis mode, ala Katrina. Much of what you are experiencing is unavoidable and totally independent of the cast of players. Your well being is more important, right now, than attempting to fix the mess. Use your knowledge to separate the achievable from the pursuit of the impossible.
What has and is transpiring is natural-law directed. That is, the participants are enacting a script written by natural law, not one of human volition. Be sure to depersonalize the horrible scenes surrounding you. Watch natural law unfold. Lessons learned time.
For example, the Establishment may have had good intentions regarding earthquakes, nothing new to Chile, but it ran into the connectance barrier and destabilized. Connectance is an Ashby standard that says the system goes unstable if more than 15% of the available communication pathways are simultaneously active at any given time. In national crisis it is easy to go over the 15% limit. Chile did. Not your problem. There is no fix to connectance. Save your energy. The point of connectance is don't get into a sweat about the effects until you attend to the cause.
My Dad was keen on the connectance matter as director of civil defense (county) during WWII. He staged unannounced test runs several times a year. The results of the first runs were sobering enough that everyone knew improvements had to be installed. In three or four test runs, involving thousands of people, a changed crisis response delivery started to improve. Only the folks doing the work can figure out how to solve the response delivery problems. Empowered, they did.
If you keep a journal of unfolding events, you will be able to compare your particular to those in the record. You will find total congruency. Your greatest contribution will be to identify the protocols that distinguish what can be done from all that you can do. Your goal right now is to stop investing effort beyond all that can be done. Remember, you are more important than the unavoidable mess. The mess will run its course and die. Your job is to endure.
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