Ladies and Gentlemen (except that I'm not sure how many of us males  
are 'gentle'!).

For myself, this forum is an experiment in dialogic interaction as  
distinct from the dominant monologic mode. I personally know that none  
of my insights come from meditation or monologue......they come from  
throwing my ideas against other viewpoints - whether I agree with  
those viewpoints or not. Meditation is something else.......

I love witnessing performances (whether 'Avatar', 'La Traviator',  
Maturana in full flow before an audience or whatever.....). But I  
don't believe performances maximise learning. I believe that an  
audience to a performance (of any sort), by definition 'suspends  
disbelieve' (in the Samuel Coleridge meaning). And the latter is magic. But it doesn't maximise understanding or  
knowledge or conscious sharing (thus constituting a community of  
whatever the scale).

For myself, the sometimes frustrating ebbs and flows of these  
interactions constitute learning. I throw out some sort of a  
linguistic pattern, and others respond, some positive, some  
negative.....Others throw out a linguistic pattern and I (amongst  
others) respond sometimes positive sometimes negative.

My instinct - it I might well be wrong - is that this mode of  
interaction is very creative for those participating in it, whatever  
the obvious limitations of the medium...........

Anyway, just want to say thanks for those involved, whether actively  
or on the sidelines,


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