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If anyone is interested in seeing or experiencing the Cognitive Edge
SenseMaker approach first hand then the following (below) may be of

This is *not* the project I have been working on (mentioned some time ago)
-- which we have just finished the design of and await the 'go' signal from
the organisation in question before releasing it to the public.

However, I note there are some similarities with this research project --
and a run through this will give an indication of how the SenseMaker data
collection approach works.

It seems results will be available in due course.

The topic puts it in the VSM System 4 space, although some consider the
SenseMaker approach mainly a System 3* tool. I'd be interested in any
comments or opinions on this


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Date: Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 9:14 PM
Subject: Foresight & crowd sourcing - an opportunity
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Hi Russell

We (Cognitive Edge) would be really grateful if you would be prepared to
share your thoughts, fears and hopes about the current state of the world
post the financial crisis. What are the implications for public service? How
will our institutions adapt? What will be important for the public service
in the future? What is going to happen to public service anyway?

We want your micro-narratives, your mini-scenarios as part of a crowd
sourcing project. Anyone who participates can have access to the data,
results will be published here. Basically you click
contribute your ideas, then you
*signify* their meaning. The signifier (or index) set was produced in
conjunction with experts in strategic foresight. We want to demonstrate the
power of networks, the ability of the voice of the person on the
metaphorical Clapham Omnibus, Jo Public (or whatever yiyr cultural phrase
is) to stand up there with the views of experts. One is not better than the
other, we need both!

Also we want them fast - as many as you can over the next couple of days.
The first report will come out on Sunday, then more over next week. Please
participate please pass this on in your blog, Twitter, Facebook, emails
lists or good old word of mouth.

Thank you!
From the Cognitive Edge

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