I'm not sure this is on topic, but this CSIRAC story (below) came through today and caused me to reflect on a comment (by Staford I think?) that "they will find the cause" to a major US power outage (a $2.50 relay?).

Why are we blaming climate change causes on CO2 when the energy increases have a lot to do with the complexities related to power station upgrades needed for PC proliferation, building air-conditioning capacity increases, flat plasma screens and additional housing demand due to family break down etc.

In respect to heat and power production -- are there any estimates of the energy generation involved in the growth of ICT and Internet over the 60 years from when this machine came to be? (there is a picture with the story)

Is this technology phenomena equally the cause of climate change and can it be somehow statistically correlated to CO2 increases?


Australia's first 'iPod' marks 60th birthday

"The CSIRAC - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research organisation Automatic Computer - is housed in the state's museum and has today been granted heritage listing as part of its birthday celebrations.

It is the first computer ever to be made in Australia; the fourth computer ever to be made in the world; and the only first generation computer that remains intact. . . ."

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