Would that be the Tipperary Paddy O'Brien, or the County Offaly Paddy O'Brien? 

I play with the second Paddy quite a bit. If he's the one, I could ask him.

           Sherry Ladig
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  Subject: The Bellharbour Reel ?(was New Town Bridge (reel) ABC)

  A couple of months ago there I contributed to brief discussion regarding a
  tune allegedly composed by Chris Droney called variously The Bell Harbour
  Reel or Newtown Bridge or The Rough Road or The Sailor's Farewell or The
  Sailor's Return (what I knew it as).

  Blarney Star had written:
  >This is really "The Bellharbour Reel" by Chris Droney, which he recorded
  >as the first tune on his Topic LP "The Flowing Tide."

  I had to wait until now to get my hands on a friend's copy of Droney's CIC
  CD "The Fertile Rock" on which track 6 is "Thady Casey's Fancy and the Bell
  Harbour Reel" to confirm that the Bell Harbour Reel on this CD is NOT the
  tune that Jeff posted.

  Is it the same tune as Track 1 on his LP "The Flowing Tide" ?

  Any help in solving this one appreciated - it's one of  my favourite tunes.
  I always thought it was a Paddy O'Brien Composition anyway :-)

  As posted by Jeff:
  >T:New Town Bridge
  >C:Paddy O'Brien
  >D~G3 DGBd|g2dg (3efg dB|~A3G AcBA|GBAF GFEF|
  >D~G3 DGBd|gd (3Bcd eBdB|GA (3Bcd gBdB|1 AcBA G2 GE:|2 AcBA G2 Bc||
  >dggf gGBd|gbaf gfed|eaag abag|eaag edBc|
  >dggf gGBd|gbaf gedB|GA (3Bcd gBdB|1 AcBA G2 Bc:|2 AcBA G2 GE|