i was doing some investigative research for a friend about how to get tunes 
up on itunes and other emusic sources.  in this endeavor i found this 
website/service called and putzed around with using an old CD i 
made eons ago.  it cost about $40usd to pop up an album and then they 
disseminate it to itunes, amazon yadda yadda yaddah.  Then after about 6 to 
8 weeks the thing appears on the various music distribution platforms such as 

so i did it and it seems to work and i get royalties and such, even get moola if 
someone just listens. so today i got my first invoice from two months ago for 
like $6usd, shocking as this was from an invoice two months previous.  i 
haven't recieved anything from apple's itunes yet, but i just found the process 
fairly easy and am asking for others experience in this type of effort.

so if you hit this link, you got to a link that shouts you to itunes.... if it's 
installed on your compubox.

i'm not really promoting the darn thing, as it's pretty dated and all but do have 
a listen, but i'm much more interested in others experiences in trying to do this.

if you like what you hear, you can download the whole thing for free at

as i'm not really into commercializing/promoting myself, just helping out a 
friend and hoping more decent stuff shows up on itunes and other places.

tunecore's got other services too, CD replication, promotion yadda yadda, it's 
an interesting business model.   Anyone have any experience with tunecore, 
or the like, or anyone want to share their experiences in this area.....?