Ellen, if you find nothing in NYC, and if you dare venture into NJ about an hour, on 7/11, 8:00PM-11:00, we have our monthly session with special guest hosts, The Killackey Brothers. Two wonderful teen fiddlers, who were mentored by Willie Kelly. It is at IAANJ (<> for directions... or email [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> for train info). IAANJ sessions take place in a great hall, are free, all level players welcome. Listeners too, and all ages welcome. Free refreshments that are usually pretty amazing, so come a little hungry if you can make it!
If not, see you at CIAW!
Iris Nevins
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  Anyone coming into the NYC area (greater metropolitan area) should take a look at Maureen Donachie's comprehensive calendar of events before hand.   it is a very handy and usually up to date guide though it is shy of local events in July in that time frame though it may be updated shortly before.  You could always check out the sessions from the previous weeks and take your chances or call ahead though the bartenders answering the phones may not know who is playing on any given night.   As far as I know none of the Catskills Irish Arts Week luminaries are gigging prior to the big event in East Durham (<>) so no luck there.<>

  Paul Keating 

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  We'll be stopping off in NYC [Queens, actually] Thurs, Fri and Sat July 9-11 
  on the way to East Durham. What's happening that we don't want to miss? 
  Sessions, concerts, etc? Maybe some Catskills-bound luminaries will be 
  holding forth somewhere? Any action in Queens? We'll be using cabs and 
  public transportation so it doesn't matter where we head. Thanks for your 

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