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 Julie Feeney, Hayes & Cahill, John Taylor, Tarab and The Xi'An Si in
Farmleigh's ballroom for a series of free salon concerts from the OPW.

 OPW Salon Series

Tuesday 21st July - Wednesday 11th August 2009

Ballroom, Farmleigh House, Phoenix Park, Castleknock, Dublin 15


Julie Feeney | John Taylor | Hayes & Cahill | Tarab and Xi an Si


Tickets are free (awarded by lottery)

To enter the ticket lottery go to:


"A visionary exercise in inventive programming that offered music in
magnificent surroundings. Probably the longest ray of sunshine we've had all
summer."- The Irish Times


 "Those looking for authenticity are well catered for nowadays, with events
like the OPW's Salon Series." - Sunday Tribune


The ballroom at Farmleigh is the place to be for an evening of music you
will remember long after the summer has departed. Now in their fifth year,
Farmleigh's annual series of salon music concerts have become a byword for
musical excellence set in dramatic surroundings with a perfect music
ambience and a fine natural acoustic. Curated by Improvised Music Company,
these concerts bring Ireland and the world's leading musicians into the very
heart of Farmleigh, evoking a vibrant musical history that sits alongside
the estate's proud literary and artistic heritage.

 Four, free, mid-week concerts will take place in Farmleigh's ballroom over
July and August and will feature unique and distinct talents drawn from
across the musical spectrum. They are:

 <> Julie Feeney, a woman of many hats
including composer, writer, and singer, and who the Irish and UK press have
hail as one of the most original talents in Ireland today,  will be gracing
the ballroom with her artful chamber pop on Tuesday 21st July.

Manchester born jazz pianist  <> John Taylor
brings an evening of solo piano elegance on Wednesday 29th July, where
audiences will hear Farmleigh's fine Steinway played by a modern day master.

"Matchless and magic: a timely reminder of what genius really tastes like."
is how The Irish Times recently described duo  <>
Hayes & Cahill. They have been making waves since the 1980s bringing
traditional Irish music to audiences around the globe, and on Tuesday 4th
August their unique approach to music from Co Clare will be a Farmleigh
night to remember.

The final concert on Tuesday 11th August is a night of cultural crossover as
<> Francesco Turrisi's Tarab, a group which
draws inspiration from Turkish, Mediterranean and Irish music, meets
<> The Xi'An Si, an intriguing trio of
Chinese women embracing Irish airs performed on beautiful Asian instruments.

Tickets for each of these intimate salon concerts are free and limited, so
your earliest online application to the ticket lottery is advised to avoid
disappointment! For further information on ticketing and the salon music
programme visit <>    


Listings and Booking Information: 


Julie Feeney

Date:                Tuesday 21st July 

Event:              OPW Salon Music Series - Julie Feeney  

Info:                 "She is an innovator, an original; incomparable with
any of her contemporaries and she has created what might just be the Irish
album of the year. " - The Irish Times


Julie Feeney's artful chamber pop is surely tailor made for the genteel
environs of Farmleigh, with her delicate palate of strings, muted brass and
woodwinds that provide the background colours for one of Ireland's most
original performers and songwriters. This particular Galway girl has the
wind at her back, bolstered by unanimous acclaim for Pages, the new CD which
looks set to eclipse her debut 13 Songs which garnered a Choice Music Prize.
It marks a quantum step in her evolution, especially as composer, where she
is pushing on for musical terrain that is rarely heard outside an orchestral


It acts as a finely balanced foil to the songwriting, full of wry
observation, quirky humour and wordplay, and there's an assuredness to her
theatrical delivery that beckons to other creative avenues too. The voice,
needless to say, is as good as ever, evidence that those five years in the
National Chamber Choir were in good stead, just one fork on her musical road
less travelled that is now bringing her to somewhere very original.

Time:               8pm

Price:               Free- Tickets awarded in Lottery system

Venue:             The Ballroom, Farmleigh House, Castleknock, Dublin 15 

To Book:          01 670 3885
Email:                          [log in to unmask] 
Website  <>   


John Taylor

Date:                Wednesday 29th July      

Event:              OPW Salon Music Series - John Taylor  

Info:                 "Pensive yet urgent, the music seemed to reflect one
of the outstanding characteristics of Taylor's playing, his remarkable
ability to be simultaneously assertive and yet infinitely delicate." - The

Solo piano is perhaps the highest expression of the jazz musician's craft,
where player and instrument are literally at one with the audience. In the
right artistic hands, it's a direct experience, with no impediment to the
possibilities, from poignant intimacy to grand orchestral sweep. At the
highest level, it's within the gift of a small band of pianists, and
Manchester born John Taylor is among them.

In a career spanning four decades, his poised, elegant playing with its
pastoral nuances has placed him in the highest echelons, collaborating on
ECM recordings with musicians like Jan Garbarek, John Surman, and the
seminal trio Azimuth, one of the music's most imaginatively conceived
chamber groups.  Blessed with a sublime touch, Taylor is a supremely gifted
soloist in his own right, a romantic that's not averse to swinging hard in
the grand tradition of Bill Evans, the master he's often likened to.
Farmleigh is endowed with a fine Steinway, and tonight it will be in the
hands of a present day master. 

Time:               8pm

Price:               Free- Tickets awarded in Lottery system

Venue:             The Ballroom, Farmleigh House, Castleknock, Dublin 15 

To Book:          01 670 3885
Email:                          [log in to unmask] 
Website  <>   


Hayes & Cahill 

Date:                Tuesday 4th August

Event:              OPW Salon Music Series - Hayes & Cahill  

Info:                 "Beauty and sublime artistry proliferate." -  The
Irish Examiner

"Matchless and magic: a timely reminder of what genius really tastes like."
- The Irish Times

Few could have anticipated the illustrious path upon which Martin Hayes and
Denis Cahill were setting out when they played their first gigs in Seattle
in the 80's, but their journey deep into the heart of traditional melody has
also taken them to the world's greatest halls, evidence of something
universal at the heart of this musical partnership that speaks so

Their bond has grown in intensity down the years, in a nightly dialogue that
seems to begin afresh every time they play, yet carries the best of the many
conversations that have preceded it. In their Zen like way, the topic often
starts out the same; the lyrical music of East Clare learnt in childhood
from Martin's father PJ Hayes, whose melodies are a portal to their unique
sound world, where time itself seems subservient to the music's progress,
graceful and unobstructed. 



Time:               8pm

Price:               Free- Tickets awarded in Lottery system

Venue:             The Ballroom, Farmleigh House, Castleknock, Dublin 15 

To Book:          01 670 3885
Email:                          [log in to unmask] 
Website  <>   



Tarab and the Xi an Si 

Date:                Tuesday 4th August

Event:              OPW Salon Music Series - Tarab and The Xi'An Si  

Info:                 For such a vast country with a profound cultural
history, the West knows comparatively little of China's great regional
diversity in traditional music, but a young musician from Zhengzhou City is
set to change that, at least as far as Irish audiences are concerned. Now
living in Co Clare, Li Kai is bridging the geographical divide with The Xi'
an Si, a trio that reunites her with musicians from home and also introduces
us to exquisite instruments like the guzheng, the emblematic Chinese zither
whose bright singing tone is so evocative of the Irish harp, pipa, a
teardrop shaped lute with deeply scalloped frets and the erhu, the two
stringed upright fiddle with its soulful timbre. 

Their musical journey starts on the Silk Road and ends a little closer to
home, with Irish airs heard on these instruments, and its as if they were
made for each other. Joining them en route is Francesco Turrisi, the young
Italian musician who has made such an impression since moving to Ireland.
Performing on accordion and frame drums, he convincingly bridges traditional
music from around the Mediterranean with his Tarab quartet, which also
includes saxophonist Nick Roth. Their jazz background is finely countered by
traditional flautist Emer Mayock who, along with percussionist Robbie
Harris, brings an innate understanding of melody and form in Irish music.  

Time:               8pm

Price:               Free- Tickets awarded in Lottery system

Venue:             The Ballroom, Farmleigh House, Castleknock, Dublin 15 

To Book:          01 670 3885
Email:                          [log in to unmask] 
Website  <>   





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