Many thanks to Alan for those detailed pointers. 

Out of curiousity I also had a look at The Session web site where the names given for this tune include: Bel Harbour, The Bel Harbour, Belharbor, The Belharbor, Belharbour, Bell Harbor, The Bell Harbor, Bell Harbour, The Bell Harbour, Bellharbor, The Bellharbor, Bellharbour, The Bellharbour, Dillon's, Dillon's Fancy, Fisherman's Farewell, The Fisherman's Farewell, Fisherman's Return, The Fisherman's Return, The House On The Hill, Newtown Bridge, Over The Bridge, Paddy Reynold's, Paddy Reynolds', Reynold's, The Rough Road, Sailor's Farewell, The Sailor's Farewell, Sailor's Return, The Sailor's Return. 

Well it's certainly not Dillon's anyway (LOL).

It's also not The Bell Harbour reel that Chris recorded on CICD 110. That one is Alan's #3018. As an aside it was curious to display the embedded track info from this CD using Windows Media Player...the CD Title is shows as "The Flowing Tide" and the track listing is the first 18 tracks from his LP of that name! How did that happen? The track listing on the body of the CD and on the cover are, however, correct.

It seems that (despite many spurious listings to the contrary), Jeff's Newtown Bridge i.e. Alan's tune #635 and my Sailor's Return, is NOT Chris Droney's Bell Harbour Reel (sorry Blarney Star).

At 02:11 23/06/2009, Alan wrote:
>Tune #635 is the one that Sean posted the abc for and is the one that is 
>publicly and clearly in dispute 

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