Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20090411-1      Ticket Status: CLOSE
Ticket Type:   unscheduled             Resolver:      BT Ireland
Ticket Opened: 20090411 09:35 UTC+1    Problem Start: 20090411 09:10 UTC+1
Ticket Closed: 20090413 18:03 UTC+1    Problem End:   20090411 09:16 UTC+1

Site/line:     IADT

Problem Description:
Complete loss of connectivity to IADT for 6 minutes.

Problem Effects:
Complete loss of service to IADT for 6 minutes.

Problem History:
20090411 09:31 GAR Creating ticket to track. Confirmed it was not a power
failure on site. Will contact BT.

20090411 09:50 GAR Spoke with BT. They will take a look at their systems
and call back.

20090412 10:27 GAR Circuit dropped again at 3:31am and came back up 5
minutes later. In response to the alarms, BT were able to pinpoint and
replaced an M6 card on their Ciena node in Citywest and expect that this
will solve the problem. Card was replaced, causing a further 5 minute
outage at 08:30.
Holding ticket open for 24 hours to monitor.

20090413 18:02 GAR No further losses of connectivity. Looks like the
replacement card has rectified the fault. Closing ticket.

Time to Fix:
0h 17m

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